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vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Challenge #71

It has been a busy week and I thought that I should not have time for the challenge of this week.
But I have made some time for it and here it is.
The Challenge is to use the new tangel Pea-Nuckle.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I always love your touches of red. Pea-nuckle loves you because you make it shine!

  2. The triangles make your tile so dramatic. Wonderful pea-nuckle. I always enjoy seeing your work!!

  3. I love the triangle composition. I saw the Pea-nuckle inside in three places right away, but it took me awhile to see that it was pea-nuckle around the outside too. Another wonderful piece, and I agree that your touch of red is always so pretty!

  4. I love your entwined triangles! I also like the touches of red.

  5. Oh another use for pea-nuckle...as an edging. I like it. This is a nice bold design. Well done!

  6. I was going to write the things that Amma said. So ...........
    A beautiful Zentangle!

    Annemarie Huijts

  7. I love how you made the pea-nuckle border and the red just makes it all pop! Beautiful!