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woensdag 23 juli 2014

Zia and Challenge #177

We do have a guest tangler again this week for the challenge.
Its Caroline Broady, and she introduces a new tangle named Truffle.
You can find how to do it here
Here's what I did with it.

I also made a ZIA in size A3
I was inspired by Michelle's Zia's with Tripoli and Spiralations.

For the small things in de open spaces I made a card with the different patterns.
I hope it will be useful for all of my tangle friends.

Happy tangling !

15 opmerkingen:

  1. This is an exciting Tile, Mariet. I love the green ribbons keeping the fleet of Truffles in formation. Fun design and lively colors. Thanks for the sheet of "Empty Spaces" patterns. They will be very helpful. Your A3 ZIA is terrific. I am unfamiliar with many of the Patterns used in this beautiful tile. This tile could be your Thesis to achieve your PHD the Tangle Arts. Beautiful work.

  2. Love the A3...a real box of assorted gems...reminds me of digging through my Mother's button/notions box as a child.

  3. Beiden zijn erg leuk, vrolijk en kleurrijk. Mooi!

  4. Your challenge tile is very fun! Your ZIA..... WOW! It's Stunning! What beautiful beautiful work! Thanks for the little card of filler patterns!

  5. love what you have done with truffle. the colour is great, especially the green ribbon which leads your eye from one truffle to another.

  6. Wat het je de Truffels leuk met elkaar verbonden, erg mooi. De zia is helemaal geweldig. Ook de kleuren (van beiden) zijn erg mooi.

  7. Mooi Mariët, de speelse tile met truffle, wat zwierig over het blad gaat, en je A3 is prachtig. Ik kan duidelijk je inspiratiebron ontdekken in jou tekening. Ik ben ook een grote fan van Michelle, en haar stijl van tekenen. Je kleur gebruik is heel subtiel, en erg mooi, ook de vulling patroontjes zijn speels en geven de tekening meer cachet.

  8. Lovely tile with Truffle! But your Zia is absolutely gorgeous! So many tangles and details ... i had a long look at the piece of art! Great! Thanks for sharing your card with the "small things" ... good idea!

  9. The tile (first) is joyful and full of flow.
    The A3 - wow

    It's everything about your drawings - the shapes, the colors, the patterns you select, the composition and how the elements interact.


  10. First saw you post when looking at things on Genevieve Crabbe's Round up. Love both of your pieces. Love the color and like your sampler of the different things you used to fill the space. Can definitely see Michelle's influence in your A3 piece. I wish I could do something as flowing.

  11. Mooi geworden Mariët! Verfijnd en zwierig met mooi kleurgebruik. En heel handig het overzicht van de verschillende kleine patronen.

  12. Wat een prachtige ZIA! Speels, luchtig, zomers.......

  13. Oh, these are so nice! That card with the little bits is perfect. I hope I can pin it to my art board on Pinterest, so i can access it quickly.
    And the big ZIA with the spiralations and such...just stunning!