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woensdag 21 oktober 2015

Challenge # 240

This week the challenge is to draw something with autumn leaves.
I printed a photo of a beautiful colored leave and tangled around it with a brown micron and shaded with colored pencil in autumn colors.

Also this week I received a you-tube link from sakura about Arukas drawn by Molly Hollibaugh
It inspired me to draw on page 19 of my ZT book

Also drawn with a brown micron and shaded with colored pencil.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. i saw the Arukas link too and I was also inspired to revisit it. (Mine isn't finished yet but I'll post it on my blog at some point. I love your leaf and the way you have patterned behind it and left the leaf in its natural state.

  2. Your leaf is such a clever idea and the result is lovely!

  3. Super texture with your leaf design Mariët
    Oh la la, I must check out Molly's video, I love what you have done with arukas.

  4. Wat is deze tile prachtig in balans!!! De kleuren zijn ook helemaal 'herfst'! En Arukas ...... wat ben je daar goed in.

  5. Love the idea of printing the leaf, and your Arukas is beautiful!

  6. Prachtig, vooral je herfstblad. Mooie warme kleuren en goed gekozen tangles!

  7. I find myself looking and looking at your leaf tile. There's a lot to notice, and some very fine artwork here. Just wonderful

  8. Very beautiful combination of the photographed leaf and the tangle patterns flowing around it so harmonically. A very creative idea, too.