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donderdag 18 februari 2016

Challenge #255

"Ghosts of Tangles Past"
I took a Zentangle from May 2010, I think one of the first after I received the kit.

May 2010

And here's the ZT with the same string and tangles now.
February 2016

             Also made this Purple & Pink Zendala

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I think many of us are much freer with our work than when we started and I think that is part of what shows here - a more confident approach to both patterning and shading. Two very pretty tiles.

  2. wonderful Tangles 2016
    and the Colorful is fascinating
    These drawings are all beautifully
    Greetings Elke

  3. I'm loving seeing the growth in this challenge. - your first one was pretty darn good - it has wonderful movement. Your new, revised tile polished it up and expanded on the original ideas so beautifully.

  4. I love how your early work captures your lovely organic style and you've finessed it so beautifully. I aspire to your elegant and seemingly effortless way with composition. Your work here is truly inspiring.

  5. Prachtig toch om te zien hoe je gegroeid bent!? Hoeveel losser de lijnen en meer zekerder van jezelf. Ik vind de zendala ook erg mooi!

  6. Both of your tiles are beautiful and the zendala is wonderful!

  7. Mooier en verfijnder, maar beiden mogen er zijn. Die van 2010 zeker ook!
    De zendala is prachtig.

  8. Wonderful response to the Diva's Challenge. That Zendala is beautiful.

  9. Hasn't this challenge been fantastic? Love your smoothness and extra detail Mariët.