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dinsdag 1 maart 2016

Challenge # 257

Oooooh Shiny
The challenge this week is to include a metallic feature.
I added some spots of leaf gold,
Some years ago I used it in calligraphie.

It's been so long ago sinds I worked with gold leaf.
I should have practiced it first, I don't like the result.

Last weekend I found a new tanlgle "keiasom" here
I have been playing with this lovely tangle.
I think this one well become one of my favorites.
Thanks Annette.

15 opmerkingen:

  1. I like it very much ! I like specially the structure in your gold leafs

  2. Ik vind het resultaat juist wél mooi. Misschien scheelt het dat ik nog nooit met bladgoud heb gewerkt, ik weet niet hoe het er uit zou moeten zien ;-) Nee hoor, ik vind het een mooie tile.
    Keiasom ken ik niet, ik ga er eens naar op zoek!

  3. Ik vind het bladgoud ook mooi en apart zo erin verwerkt. Ook ik heb nooit van Keiasom gehoord of gezien. Ziet er mooi uit.

  4. I like the gold leaf too and the circles string:)

  5. I think the gold leaf looks beautiful on this pretty tile. Perfectly balanced as well!

  6. Wat een mooie kleurcombinatie met dat goud!!!

  7. I think you did a great job with the gold leaf. I'm surprised at how well it works with the strong black and red sections. Beautiful work.

  8. Beautiful work with the gold leaf-the texture really does stand out. I'm seeing that the most difficult part of this challenge is capturing the glint of metallic in photographs.

  9. Very sumptuous look with the gold leaf - it adds so much texture. And I love the new tangle too. Axxx

  10. I like the way the gold leaf is textured, it adds dimension. I also like your new pattern, I haven't seen it before so it will be added to my list of things to try.

  11. I do like your Diva tile. I love the circles overlapping and how clever to work with gold leaf!

  12. Your shiny piece is beautiful, the gold leaf ages an organic aged quality to your tile. I want to try some now myself.

  13. I really like your shiny tile! The combination of black, red and gold is beautiful!
    I´m so glad you like my "Kiasom". Wonderful to see your variations of it!
    Groetjes, Annette