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dinsdag 15 augustus 2017

Challenge # 329

Fragment D1
Is the Challenge from the Dutch guest tangler Marguerite Semema.
We should draw Fragment D1 from Fragments and Reticula.
On the first tile I used D1 and Q1.
For the second one I combined D1 with Mooka and Flux.
(I did not see the tile of Marguerite yet where she also combines those tangles.)
What a coincident!

Both are drawn with brown and sepia Micron and colored with colored pencils.

Leuke uitdaging Marguerite! ! !

7 opmerkingen:

  1. These are both gorgeous! I love the energy and colors;-)_

  2. Ja, dit was een leuke uitdaging, dat vond ik ook. Jij hebt er ook twee prachtige tiles mee gemaakt. Chapeau!

  3. Beautiful pieces, Mariët! I especially like the flow of the second one. Nice coloring too!

  4. Mariet, your first tile reminds me of boats carrying the tangles away. I like it. ( One of my other hobbies is radio control powered boats.)

  5. They both remind me of tiles, maybe something you'd see in a garden as a decorative element on a wall or windowsill. Just scrumptious, all of it!

  6. Both are wonderful! Great colours! Especially I like the second one with its movement and energy.