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zaterdag 19 augustus 2017

Playing with the new tangle and Challenge # 330

Challenge # 330
This week Zentangle plates.
A challenge from the guest Jeanette Clawson.
This was a lot of work and I enjoyed every minute of it.
I used a brown, sepia and orange Micron and colored with Albrecht Dührer watercolor pencils.

This week we received the newsletter from Zentangle HQ with the new tangle  SPOKEN
I have been playing with it for quite a long time with these tiles as a result.
I drew on lilac paper, drawn with a purple and blue Micron and colored (shaded) with colored pencils.
This was so much fun to do, I love SPOKEN, so many possibilities with it.

The background I meandered with a sharp blue pencil, I hope you  can see that.

The next one is SPOKEN, but only the first part of the tangle. (without the crossing over) 
It gives a complete different effect.

This was so much fun, it took me several hours to make the both tiles.
Also love the combination of purple and blue on lilac.

Here another one I drew sunday.
Again on lilac paper and drawn with only the purple Micron.
Spoken in the corners and filled in with Betweet and Tipple.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely work! Love the colours. So inspiring! I need to go try this new tangle too!

  2. Lovely work! Love the colours. So inspiring! I need to go try this new tangle too!

  3. Lovely mandala but your other tiles just blew me away! I think I'm in a purplish blue period so the colours are really appealing to me right now.

  4. That challenge mosaic is amazing. So perfect! And, I love the way you used Spoken. It didn't do much for me when I first saw it, but I should really try it again.

  5. Incredible use of spoken. Gorgeous tiles.

  6. Zeggen woorden als: mooi, prachtig, geweldig enz. wat ik vind van deze tiles? Misschien nog niet genoeg, want ik ben er 'weg' van. Vooral de eerste met Spoken!!!

  7. Your plate is amazing!. Love your spoken variations.

  8. Ja, wauw, wat een prachtige kunstwerkjes. Schitterend allemaal en ook de kleuren, zo mooi.

  9. Oh my! Everything here is really stunning! Your colors are especially outstanding ❤

  10. Beautiful work! And I can see the blue pencil meanders. :)
    For the mandala, yours is the first I've seen where all four are the same design.

  11. So many beautiful pieces! Your "plate" is so colourful and delightful! I do love your creative tiles with "Spoken". So many possibilities, indeed!

  12. So much lovely work. I really enjoy your use of color.