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dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Challenge # 270

I have always loved the Celtic patterns.
This Challenge we should use the new pattern Skye designed by Margareth Bremner.
A wonderful tangle in the Celtic style.
Thank you Margareth for the tangle, and Laura for this lovely challenge.
I still have to practice before I can combine this tangle with other tangles.

Drew with a black and brown Micron, shaded with pencil and highlighted with a white jellyroll
on a renaissance like tile.

maandag 23 mei 2016


This weekend we received the newsletter from Zentangle with a new tangle
Yesterday I had a lot of time to try it out, and it was so much fun!

Here my ZIA's with Ellish.

                9 x 11 cm.

               15 x 17 cm.

I have also been playing with Assunta combined with Flux.

And this tile with some gems and a Hybred border.

zondag 15 mei 2016

Challenge # 268, Aquarel pencil and ZIA

This week the challenge is to use more black than we usually do "A bit-o-black"
I love to use more black because it gives a better contrast in the drawing.
Here's my (Renaissance) tile for this week.

During my weekly friday mornings at the local painters-club I drew this still-life with my Albrecht Dürer water color pencils and painted with brush and water.

Also a ZIA for my students with the tangles for this Tuesday's workshop.

dinsdag 10 mei 2016

Challenge # 267

A duotangle with Drupe and Poke root is the challenge from The Diva
I love duotangles, because you have to combine tangles that you maybe should never combine.

I really loved working on this!
Drew with a black Micron and colored with colored pencils in red, orange purple and green.

dinsdag 3 mei 2016

Challenge # 266 and Rope string

Crux, by Henrike Bratz is the tangle for this months UMT.
I have been trying this tangle several times, and I could not get it right.
When I finaly found out what I was doing wrong I drew this box with it.
I don't think I will use this tangle a lot, because of my struggle with it.

This weekend I have been playing with Margareth Bremner's Rope string.
So much fun !
This is what I made with it.

Thanks Margareth for this great idea!