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dinsdag 24 april 2018

Challenge # 362 and more

For the Challenge this week we should use Laura's tangle "Somnee"
I drew with a brown and orange Micron and colored with colored pencils.

The Flower of Life
The Flower of life, one of the most important symbols of the sacred geometry is used in these drawings as the string.
Tomorrow I will give a workshop with the Flower of life as a Mandala/Zendala for 6 women in my livingroom, I'm looking forward to it!

This one is 14 X 14 cm. Drawn with the Micron 01
 The next one 25 X 25 cm. Drawn with the Micron PN in dark blue, light blue and dark red.
Colored with colored pencils in indigo, ultramarine, dark red and earth green.

Even this drawing is based on the Flower of life, so many possibility's with the base of the symbol.
10 X 10 cm.

maandag 16 april 2018

Starfish-flowerbarrel en Tint and Challenge #360

Heerlijk aan het experimenteren geweest afgelopen weekend met de tangles
"Starfish-Flowerbarrel en Tint"

Getekent op de rand van een pagina in een zelfgemaakt boekje.
Het origineel is iets groter en de kleuren iets groener.

The Challenge this week is to use only the tangles Shattuck and Tripoly, both tangles are my favorites.

Here's my contribution for now, I hope to find time to make another one this week.

Drawn on dark blue glittering cardstock with only White, silver and gold Gellyrolls.

dinsdag 10 april 2018

Challenge #359

A lovely challenge this week, we should use our fingers for the string.

I also made this ZIA this weekend.

Drew it on yellow paper with Micron NP and colored pencils.

donderdag 5 april 2018

Challenge # 358

The UMT for this month is the tangle "Pickpocket"from Thomas Padros.
A difficult tangle, and also difficult to combine with other tangles.
Here's my contribution drawn with my new Micron PN pens (great pens) and shaded with colored pencils.