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dinsdag 26 juli 2011

Challenge 32

I made these for the Challenge #32 by gast challenger Carol Ohl.
The Challenge is to make a ZT with the tangles Pais, Zedbra, Keenees and Baton.
I have been working on it this afternoon and when I finished it I thought I was missing something.
Than I was looking at the ZT's on the Diva blog that where already published, and than I saw it.
I completely forgot the tangle Pais, and these where the last 2 original tiles I had.
I went back to my drawing table and made some pieces of Pais on different paper, cutted them out and glue them on my ZT's
And I think it gives a special effect.

Thank you Carol for this great Challenge, 
I will send these to you this week for the show.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I love that you added the Pais that way. Beatufiul! I'm looking forward to seeing them in person!!

  2. Fun, your Keenees just look like bikinis on bottoms!

  3. Mariet, very rich-looking. You do a great job of shading!

  4. What a creative solution! I want to try doing that now, just adding something onto an already finished piece! LOVELY!