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dinsdag 21 januari 2020

Zendala Moments #13

Annette gave us a new  Zendala Moments for this month.
Thank you Annette for continuing the Momens in 2020
Because I love to make Celtic Knots I braided the pattern into a Knot.
Here's my contribution.

I drew with a black and red Gel pen, and some details with a Micron 01
Shaded with pencil and red colored pencil. 

Today (26 January) I made a variation with the smaller Zendala Moments template.
In a circle I drew parts of the template and tangled with blue and brown Micron, shaded with colored pencils. 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Allebei erg mooi en ontzettend verschillend :-) De Keltische knopen vind ik prachtig, maar ben daar zelf slecht in. Jij laat het eruit zien alsof het zo simpel is. Knap hoor!

  2. Two beautiful zendalas! I like your idea to use the template for a knot ... the result is just gorgeous!
    The second one is lovely, too! Another creative way to use the template! Thank you for that inspiration and thank you for you wonderful Zendala Moments!

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